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About Step

Launched in 1986 originally as part of Shell UK’s social investment activities, and now run independently, we have supported over 22,000 Step placements for students and recent graduates in businesses right across the UK.  

Ranging from engineering and communications to the creative industries and global sports brands, the programme is delivered by a dedicated network of experienced partners including universities, business support and training providers.

Featured Opportunities

This very successful British company was formed in March 1999. This fast paced, ever-growing company are industry leaders in malting. Malt provides the proteins that produce the beer foam that clings enticingly to the glass, the husk of barley malt provides the filter bed, crucial for brewing!

Up to 25% of their annual malt production is exported to countries where U.K. malt is held in high regard, notably to Japan and the United States. The company are now looking for this years Autumn intake of graduates to build for the future.

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The host company is a family business, established in 1983, with steady and continuing growth over the years. Committed to providing opportunities for graduates, this company has hosted two Step interns this year alone, and are now looking for a marketing graduate with the view to a permanent role.

Since 2010 they have diversified into the green economy providing parts for solar energy installers and the biomass heat industry. Biomass heat is relatively new to the the UK and is expected to grow rapidly with the roll out of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).



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This host business is a multi-disciplinary construction consultancy specialising in Building Control and Environmental services.

They are one of the premier construction consultancies undertaking work with clients in both the public and private sectors.
With over 13 years experience and expertise, this company has undertaken projects in the Commercial, Education, Healthcare, Residential and Recreational sectors.

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Graduate Production & Compliance Assistant (Malting / Agriculture) Apply
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