How we work with you

What makes a great student placement or graduate internship?

For a work placement or internship to be really successful, it needs to work for both the host business and the student/graduate.Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 12.58.38

Our business clients want:

  • To access affordable, effective skills and/or increase management capacity.
  • To have a specific project managed or moved forward to achieve specific results, or to trial out a future potential graduate employee.
  • To add a valuable team member to enhance the existing team.
  • To maximise the long-term benefits of the work placement project.

Our students and graduates want:

  • To put university and life skills into practice.
  • To gain experience in the workplace.
  • To develop technical and general employability skills.
  • To enhance post-university employment prospects.

At Step our service standard is designed to ensure all our clients and all or candidates achieve their goals.