Sandwich Placements

How we can help with your placement scheme.

We work with businesses of all sizes and across a wide range of industry sectors. Examples include:

  • Puma UK who source marketing and merchandising students,
  • Coppenrath & Weise, a frozen dessert manufacturer who offer New Product Development and Supply Chain Placements,
  • Handicare, a specialist product design company who have welcomed both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering students.
  • Numerous smaller organisations for IT and other business projects.

We have links with most UK Universities and have access to a wide range of talented students and graduates, including many who are not engaged with their University’s careers service. Indeed we get on average over 1,000 new registrations each month.

  • We do the research to identify the most appropriate courses and universities to attract the right students for your business
  • We contact the universities on your behalf; course leaders, placement offices and careers services
  • We promote your opportunities on our own website and various third party sites to cast the net even wider
  • We manage the whole recruitment process; sifting response, shortlisting and arranging interviews.
  • We can also offer an employment and payroll service which can save you the hassle of on-boarding the students, keeping them out of your headcount

Once we have found the right student for your needs and made all the arrangements for the placement we will also put you in touch with your students University placement tutor who will be there to support the educational and developmental aspects of the placement.

At Step we’re probably best known for our short (three months) placements and internships. But we also offer longer industrial placements, commonly known as sandwich placements.

Why Sandwich Placements?

Industrial, or ‘sandwich’, placements last a year and form part of a student’s degree course, taking place between their second and third years. The placements can cover many different work types; for instance HR, finance, marketing, or something more technical. They offer students the opportunity to develop practical experience, to go alongside their academic achievements. The placement is an ideal introduction to the workplace and is valuable in developing their employability-related skills.

Key benefits to business

  • More substantive input over a longer period of time
  • New ideas and resources from skilled and innovative students, who can bring additional knowledge with them.
  • Help with a specific project or business need, without a requirement to offer anything permanent- the student will return to studies afterwards.
  • Adding new skills to a business mix: placement students will already have studied for two years and can make a real contribution, for a comparatively low cost.
  • Opportunity to build your business profile among students and graduates.
  • Securing early loyalty from the most talented students before they graduate.
  • Enhanced corporate social responsibility. Be seen to be helping develop students’ work-based skills.
  • The opportunity for your staff to gain experience supervising or mentoring a student.

What does it cost?

We offer a simple flat fee structure of £1995 per placement on a contingency basis – if we don’t find you the right student, you won’t pay us anything*

*bespoke agreements can also be put in place for multiple placements – please get in touch to discuss further.