Additional learning opportunities, career advice and assistance for relocating

We have curated this list of resources to assist our audience with everything from additional learning opportunities, career advice and assistance for relocating.

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Careers Advice

If you’re not sure about what career options to explore

As well as being a great place to find placements and graduate jobs among the top 100, TARGETJobs also offers a wealth of careers advice, broken down by degree subject and job sector.

Prospects is a useful tool to find advice on where you can take your career, organised by degree, for finding postgraduate study opportunities, and for finding work experience opportunities. Its career planner quiz is also a unique way to explore your career options, presenting you with options you might not have previously thought of!

The National Careers Services provides a tremendously in-depth list of over 800 job types. This is a great option for those who know where they want to work but not specifically what role they want. For example, you may know you want to work in sports, but you’re not sure whether you want to be a sports scientist, sports agent, sports psychologist or sports commentator. Each job profile gives estimates for what salary you can expect, what hours you might be working, what the entry requirements are, what skills are essential, what you’ll be doing day to day and more.

Skill Building / Further Learning

For some, upon leaving university, it might be necessary to top-up your skills set to help increase your chances of finding that dream graduate job. This is particularly true for those entering an industry that might be different from what they studied. For example, an English graduate looking to enter the world of marketing might look to complete a course on SEO or Google Analytics. Others might just want to expand their knowledge regardless and learn HTML or develop their sales technique. Never a bad idea. Here are a few sources to improve your knowledge.

The Open University offers a range of free to access online courses across a broad range of subject areas. The courses are offered at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels and can last anywhere from a couple of hours to 80 hours or more. You can work through the courses at your own pace and at the end of the course you will gain a statement of participation.

Future learning offers many free to access courses, curated alongside partners including universities both UK and overseas as well as specialist organisations including CIPD, UCAS, Accenture, British Council and more. Many subject areas are covered, and courses are undertaken in short bite-sized time frames.

Atlas Copco provides some excellent free to download eBooks that will be useful for anyone wanting to build their skills set. Covering areas including Business, IT, Engineering and others, these eBooks will make great reading for those that want to improve themselves on their commute or on their lunch break.

Youth Employment UK are passionate about improving the employability of young people in the UK. Their young professional award will help you work on your core soft skills including self-belief, communication, teamwork, problem solving and self-management.

Other useful resources






Many graduates end up relocating, in a graduate scheme you may even end up moving each year to a different location. You may also have to relocate for a short period of time, for an internship, and that can be a different challenge trying to find something in the short-term. Here are a few websites that would be worth visiting if you are relocating for a role.

Hosts International, is a great place to find Home Stays at many locations throughout the UK. Hosts International are registered with the British Council and have 12,000 Homes across 12 major cities in the UK. Could be a good option for those on a sandwich placement or internships, who want the comfort of being in a family home during work.

HFS London also provide Home Stays but exclusively in London. They are registered with the British Council and have more than 2,000 homes across zones 1-4 in London.

If you looking to organise your homestay yourself than could be a good option. There is a huge list of accommodation, across many locations in the UK and abroad and you get to hear about the properties from the owners themselves. Reviews from the guest also helped greatly with getting an impression of the property and the family that you would be staying with.

Useful option to find a house share or flat.

  • Universities

Many universities will offer out their accommodation at affordable rates during the summer when the majority of rooms are not in use. This could be a great option for those completing an internship over the summer.

There is a lot of terminology associated with technology and we know it can be hard to discern. That’s why we have created a handy and extensive jargon buster that covers some of the key terms.

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