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The Step Programme offers undergraduates and recent graduates a range of work experience opportunities. These can be either short term work placements, generally lasting between eight weeks and six months or longer term internships lasting between six and 12 months. All Step opportunities have a genuine development focus, are structured and often project based and importantly, are all paid.   advert

Frequently asked questions

  • Will I get paid?

    YES, of course! If you are on a Step graduate internship or a sandwich placement you will receive a salary. Details of the salary and any other benefits will be included in the job description.

    If you are on an undergraduate/summer placement you will be awarded a training allowance.  The details will always be included in the job description. The training allowance is to cover out of pocket expenses such as travel costs and subsistence for the duration you are on the placement. It is not a wage or a salary and therefore you will not have to pay any national insurance or tax from the monies you receive. This also means you will not be issued with a P45 when you complete your placement

  • When will I hear back from my application?

    The matching and selection process can take a few weeks and if there are a lot of applicants you may not hear from us until a couple of weeks until after the closing deadline.

    But please also note that the deadlines used on our adverts are for guidance only. We advise all interested parties to apply as soon as possible since many of the companies we work with are seeking a swift solution for their internship/job opportunity. We reserve the right to close advertisements prior to the stated deadline.

  • Why did I receive a standard rejection from Step?

    Because you sent us a standard application. You could have been rejected for a many number of reasons. It could be due to location, if the commute is long distance and you are unable to re-locate then we will have to reject your application. Make sure that your degree is relevant to the application that you are applying for, i.e. if you have studied English Literature but are applying for an engineering role, is it highly unlikely that will submit your application. Due to the high volume of applicants we are unable to reply to each application with reasons why you may have been unsuccessful.

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