2024/25 PUMA UK Internship programme coming soon.

Step manages Puma's UK based sandwich placement programme. PUMA seeks commercially aware students with a robust interest in sports, fashion, and the industry overall.

The PUMA Internship Programme is a well-established program that has been running in partnership with step for over a decade. It gives interns the opportunity to be an integral part of the PUMA team and experience all aspects of their desired role.

Throughout our time working with the program, we have placed over 100 brilliant students and graduates with PUMA, who have continued to excel in their careers. The internship programme covers a range of industries such as Influencer Marketing, Retail Marketing, Fashion Marketing, Merchandising, Business Analysis, Finance, IT, Demand planning, and Sales.


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Looking to find out how previous interns got on?

IT Sandwich Placement – Altif

Merchandising Sandwich Placement – Fran

Business Analyst Internship – Jonathan

PUMA UK roles are predominantly based in London. The Analyst, Ecommerce Marketing and Retail Merchandising are based in Manchester. The IT role is based in Castleford, Leeds.

Roles Closed

PUMA UK – Business Analyst Internship 2023/24
Manchester | £22,000

This placement will help you get to the heart of analysing business data to contribute to the success of a dynamic, fast-paced retail business.

PUMA UK – Merchandising Internship 2023/24
London | £23,000

If you love fashion and retail and want to gain a real understanding of how products make it on to our shelves, this opportunity with Puma UK is just for you.

PUMA UK – Retail Merchandising Internship 2023/24 
Manchester | £22,000

Are you interested in understanding trends and how instore merchandising can drive sales? Puma would be the ideal place for you to grow your understanding and develop a variety of skills.

PUMA UK – Run/Train Marketing Internship 2023/24 
London | £23,000

Get to the heart of marketing a sportswear brand with an internship based at PUMA UK’s London office.

PUMA UK – Trade Marketing Internship (Strategic Accounts) – 2023/24

London | £23,000

Do you have a passion for fashion and the active wear trend? Join PUMA on a placement as a Marketing Intern in the Sportstyle department.

PUMA UK – Sportstyle Marketing Internship – 2023/24

London | £23,000

Love brands? Love retail? This 12-month marketing internship based in London could be just what you need to launch your career.

If you are an undergraduate student seeking a placement or have graduated recently from a fashion, sport or retail focused marketing degree, this opportunity to learn all about trade marketing in a global sports lifestyle brand could be for you.

PUMA UK – IT Development Internship 2023/24

Castleford | £21,000

If you are studying towards an IT related degree and would like to know more about the challenges faced by IT departments in large companies, this placement with Puma could be for you.

PUMA UK – Account Marketing Internship 2023/24 (JD Group) 
London | £23,000

Are you interested in finding out more about how PUMA work with other retailers to implement and coordinate their marketing activities? If so, this internship could be for you!

PUMA UK – Ecommerce Content & Marketing Internship 2023/24 
Manchester | £22,000

Are you looking to grow your understanding of ecommerce and content management? This Puma placement will allow you to gain great experience helping to manage a company with a huge online presence.

PUMA UK – Demand Planning Internship 2023/24 
London | £23,000

This London based internship will give you the exposure to sales forecasting, seasonal analysis, supply planning and many more!

PUMA UK – PR & Entertainment Internship 2023/24 
London | £23,000

In the role you will be exposed to gifting and seeding products with influencers and celebrities. Based in London.

PUMA UK – Strategic Sales Internship (Frasers Group) 2023/24 
London | £23,000

You will be responsible for coordinating and implementing a broad range of sales activity for the Frasers Group account.

PUMA UK – Strategic Sales Internship (ASOS) 2023/24 
Manchester/London | £22,000-£23,000

You will be responsible for coordinating and implementing a broad range of sales activity for the ASOS account.

PUMA UK – Golf Marketing Internship 2022/24 
London | £23,000

You will be responsible for the coordination and implementation of a broad range of marketing activity for COBRA PUMA.

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