From Step placement to head of department – Drew

Drew is the Head of Data Engineering at Lynchpin – a customer analytics consultancy. Lynchpin deliver valuable insight to their clients to help them understand their customers and deliver better experiences, products and marketing. Their impressive and diverse client list boasts international and UK based firms, including: MTV, Ticketmaster, HSBC, Nationwide, Emirates, Edinburgh Airport, Hotel…


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What students and new graduates can do for you.

A question we are often asked here at Step is “what can students and graduates actually do?” It’s a good question as it’s not always apparent from their actual course of study. Many of our internships have completed valuable and substantial projects; below are just some examples showing the breadth and diversity of what Step…

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How to compete with big business for top graduates

For anyone familiar with our regular briefings, our aim is to help our smaller business clients tap into the very competitive graduate skills market.   Even with the imminent changes around the Apprenticeship Levy coming in to force on the 1st April and uncertainty around BREXIT, the number of graduate vacancies offered by the UK’s corporate…

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Changing Careers: From Lab to Office – Hira

Hira is a 2016 Chemistry Graduate from the University of Huddersfield. In December 2016 she started in a new graduate role as a Data Analysis and IT Consultant with a world leading consultancy operating in the chemicals sector. In this blog, Hira tells us about the first few months as a Data Analysis and IT…


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The pressure to find a graduate role within six months

The outgoing head of UCAS, Mary Curnock Cook, has said that university students ‘should not feel compelled to get a job until six months after graduating.’ It’s advice that goes against the grain. Typically students are encouraged to find a graduate scheme early, to tie up their future while they are still studying or otherwise…

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Who are our students and graduates? Our 2017 candidate profiles

Here’s an overview of our current Step Talent Pool – students and recent graduates screened and actively looking for opportunities in smaller, growth oriented businesses. We have just over 2,000 students due to graduate in 2017, of whom 25% are from Russell Group universities 28% are studying STEM related disciplines: 35% of which are studying…

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Learning from experience with a smaller business – Kamile

Kamile is a 2016 Business and Marketing graduate from Sheffield Hallam University. In December 2016 she started in a new graduate role as a Sales and Marketing Executive with Banner Box, a nationwide supplier of bespoke textile and fabric products In this blog, Kamile walks us through her first months as a Sales and Marketing Executive, including…


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“Why use Step when my local Uni will do everything for free?”

“My local University offers businesses a free service, why should I pay for yours?” This is a question we sometimes hear at Step, and on the face of it, it’s a reasonable question, particularly when European funding is  available to take students and graduates from Universities. But what of the many small to medium sized…

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